Barry Gomez – Flight Instructor

Barry Gomez – Flight Instructor

Barry Gomez

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (703) 499-3426
Education: State University of New York, Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Masters of Science Degree in Home Security; Colorado Technical University – Currently seeking MBA Degree
Certificates: Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instrument Rating, CFI

Barry Gomez began his flight training as a teenager while enrolled in a special program that integrated traditional high school curriculum and flight school training. He then attended State University of New York (SUNY) to study Aeronautical Engineering before joining the Marine Corps, where he worked for seven years as a Criminal Investigator coordinating with NCIS. After completing his service, he joined the police force in Washington, DC, working six years in undercover operations and one year as a detective before transferring to the Aurora Police Department in 2014.

Upon moving to Colorado, Barry Gomez once again seized the opportunity to focus on his passion for flying. He’s spent the last three years obtaining his instrument rating, commercial license and CFI. Barry Gomez is an energetic and very detail-oriented flight instructor and enjoys teaching anyone who is open-minded and eager to learn.

When he’s not flying, Barry Gomez loves spending time with his son, riding horses, listening to old school rap and using his amateur comedic skills to make his co-workers laugh.