Chris Spanos – Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Intsructor Chris Spanos | Front Range Flight School

Chris Spanos

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (303) 807-5447
Education: Embry Riddle, Aurora Vocational School, University of Phoenix
Certificates: CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP

Chris Spanos earned his Private Pilot certificate in 1983 and knew this was the career and passion that he wanted to pursue. He then quickly earned his Instrument, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ratings along with his current Flight Instructor ratings.

Chris Spanos is a Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Instrument and Multi Engine Instructor. He is currently a Captain on the Airbus 320 and has over 23,000 hours of total time in piloting aircraft. Chris Spanos has instructed in many types of aircraft including most Cessna products, from 152’s to Cessna Citations, King Air BE-20 and BE-100. He has taught line and simulator on the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320 series aircraft. He has served as Designated Pilot examiner for the Airbus A-320.

Most of all, Chris Spanos loves to teach flying and share his passion. He currently teaches all aspects of aviation including extensive mountain flight instruction and Bi-Annual Flight Reviews.