N49461 - Cessna 152N

This 1978 Sparrow Hawk is just entering our fleet. N49461 is a well-equipped aircraft and makes an excellent VFR trainer.


Members $104.00 per hour (wet)


GPS Garmin 430 WAAS

Garmin 430 WAAS
Lynx transponder
ADS-B Equipped


Fluid Capacities

Fuel 26 Total Gallons, 24.5 Usable Gallons
Oil 6 Quarts

Engine, Electrical, and Wing Span

Engine(s) Type Avco Lycoming O-235-L2C/125 BHP at 2550 RPM
Single or Multi Engine Single Engine
Thrust Provided By 69 Inch Fixed-Pitch Propeller
Electrical System 28 Volt with Alternator
Wing Span 33.33 Feet
Landing Gear Fixed


Maxium At Sea Level 110 Knots
Cruise, 75% Power at 8,000 Feet 107 Knots
Vne (Never Exceed) 149 KIAS
Vno (Max Structural Cruising) 111 KIAS
Vx (Best Angle Of Climb) 60 Knots
Vy (Best Rate Of Climb) 70 Knots


Range - 75% Power at 8,000 Feet

350 Nautical Miles (estimated; 24.5 gallons usable fuel)

Time - 75% Power at 8,000 Feet 3.4 Hours (estimated; 24.5 gallons usable fuel)
Maximum Range - 10,000 Feet 415 Nautical Miles (estimated; 24.5 gallons usable fuel)
Maximum Time - 10,000 Feet 5.2 Hours (estimated; 24.5 gallons usable fuel)

Rate of Climb

Sea Level 715 Feet Per Minute

Ground Roll Distances

Takeoff 725 Feet
Landing 475 Feet

Stall Speeds

Vs0 (Flaps Up, Power Off)
47 Knots
Vs1 (Flaps Down, Power Off) 41 Knots

Service Ceiling

Service Ceiling 14,700 Feet MSL


Maximum Ramp Weight 1675 Pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight 1670 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight 1670 Pounds
Standard Empty Weight 1109 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load 566 Pounds
Baggage Allowance 120 Pounds


The documentation provided below may be from a third-party or may not be up to date - please use caution if using it for flight planning.
Weights and Balanceshttps://www.frontrangeflightschool.com/n49461-weight-and-balance/

Introductory Flight

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