Why Learn to Fly?

The thrill and freedom of the open sky. Accomplish a life long dream. Seeing new sights and climbing new heights. Learning a new hobby. Exploring new destinations. Getting away from it all.

Members of the Front Range Flight School have different reasons for wanting to fly. For many, it’s about the fun and the thrill of the challenge. For others, it’s a practical business decision.

Whether your motivation is personal or professional, you are probably on this website because the open skies and vast horizon are calling you in some way.

If you’ve been thinking about learning to fly, there has never been a better time to begin. The Certified Flight Instructors at Front Range Flight School are here to help you reach new heights and navigate the process of becoming a pilot.

Why Become a Pilot?

Here are just a few of the reasons people are drawn to becoming a pilot:

  • Have fun! For many pilots, flying is simply a hobby, a favorite way to spend some free time – and, for some of us, quite a contrast to time we spend at offices and in meetings.
  • Enjoy unmatched views. Many Colorado pilots enjoy the thrill of learning to fly and gaining access to new views of our beautiful state from heights they otherwise could not reach. If you’re a fan of Colorado’s natural beauty and wonders, it’s fair to say: you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  • Grow businesses. Some pilots are drawn to learning to fly because it’s a great way for their businesses to save time and money. Imagine never having to wait in a security line again! In some instances, there are tax write-offs available that could also help your business expand.
  • Go on vacation. Like to travel with family and friends? Want a short getaway on your own? Becoming a pilot helps you get from here to there without worrying about car traffic.
  • Accept a challenge. Becoming a pilot is more accessible and affordable than many people think, but still very few people can call themselves pilots. Accept the challenge and accomplish your goals.
  • Launch new careers. Is a career in professional aviation in your future? From private pilot to commercial airline pilot, Front Range Flight School can provide you with the required training.

Interested in becoming a pilot, but don’t know where to begin? We can help with that. Schedule your Introductory Flight today.

Introductory Flight

Want to discover what it feels to fly? Gift it for a friend, family, or loved one for only $199.00. Call us for more info and to book!

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✈😎DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR OUR CLASS STARTING 9/4/23! 😎✈Have you always wanted to learn how to fly? Do you look up into the sky and wish you were in the pilot's seat? Flying is a fun and exciting hobby or career, but before you jump into the plane, you need to hit the books and learn the fundamentals so you develop your knowledge of aircraft operations and safety that you will later apply both on the ground and in the air.Join us for a 7 week (2 days per week) Private Pilot Ground School course and we will teach you all of the information you need to know in order to pass the FAA Private Pilot written exams. This structured course packs in a lot of great (and required) information. Topics will include Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, the Airport and Flight Environments, Weather, Performance, Navigation, and Flight Planning, etc. all taught by experienced FRFS CFII Brent Delehoy.Classes will be held each Monday and Wednesday evening from 6:00PM to 9:00PM Mountain Time, starting Monday September 4, 2023. Students should expect to spend additional time studying outside of class (typically 2-4 hours per week). The course fee is $500.00 USD. Additional required materials can be purchased through the Flight School for a discounted bundle price of $250.00 and includes ASA Private Pilot materials (Syllabus, Flight School, Ground School, Test Prep, Flight Maneuvers), Plotter, E6B, Denver Sectional, FAR/AIM, and the Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide. Fees are due by September 3, 2023. RSVP by calling/texting us at (720) 646-2350 or emailing info@frontrangeflightschool.com We are excited to be your partner in training and hope to see you in class! Cheers! The Training Team at Front Range Flight School ... See MoreSee Less
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