Bruce L

It has been my pleasure to be associated with FRFS for many years. I’ve taken various ground school classes from “Rusty Pilots” and “Mountain Flying” to my Instrument Rating Ground School. I passed the instrument test with an 88.  I earned my Instrument Rating in Sept of 2020, and couldn’t have been happier.  The fleet is great, well maintained and diverse, and the entire staff is 2nd to none.  This is a no-nonsense company that will get to where you need to go, whether a private instrument rated pilot to a professional headed to the majors.

Maurice C

I began training at Front Range Flight School in 2018 and have not looked back since. The staff and instructors are very professional and have ensured I have been more than prepared for every aspect of flight training, and club flying. The facilities have been updated numerous times and really are incredible. Everyone at Front Range has always cared about my aviation goals, and have continued to do anything in their power to help me achieve those. There are numerous flight schools in the area, but I am so glad I went with (and continue to fly with) Front Range Flight School!

Max F

I first met Brian Eaton in 2010 for flight training and what he taught me has led to a fruitful and exciting career in aviation.

His professional attitude, real-world experience, and wealth of knowledge as an instructor provide the solid foundation needed for any prospective recreational and commercial pilot.

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