Jayson S

After starting with a very busy and inattentive flight school in the area, I found Front Range Flight School and immediately loved it. The owner takes pride in getting to know all of the students and the instructors have varied backgrounds and all bring their A-game when it comes to flight training. There is no other flight school I’d want to train at!

Dan B

I recently retired from the airlines and quickly realized that I was not ready to step away from flying.  I reached out to several flight schools in the Denver area to see what it would take to earn my CFI rating.  After hearing back from some of the local schools it became immediately apparent that Front Range Flight School was different, actually head and shoulders above the others. There is a welcoming environment that did not exist at the other schools, and a sense of pride and professionalism that as a former airline captain was especially appealing to me.

I have been flying at Front Range Flight School since August of 2021 and each time I walk through the front doors I feel at home.  The facility is clean and spacious.  The aircraft are incredibly well maintained and nicely equipped.  In my experience, the instructors, staff, and owners truly are top-notch people, and their top priority is to make each student the best pilot they can be.  I also believe that the rates charged for instruction and aircraft rental are among the lowest in the area.  If you are looking for a place to start your aviation career, I highly recommend this flight school!

Justin W

Front Range Flight school is more than a flight school; it is a family. The instructors and staff are friendly and integrity-driven. The aircraft are priced right and always stored inside a warm hangar overnight. Start your aviation journey here!

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